For Owners

A Full Range of Services

TRB Realty specializes exclusively in representing property owners, throughout Massachusetts, with a full range of services beyond brokerage, such as consulting and advising. By focusing our attention, and by servicing and completing transactions throughout the region for the past 20 years, we have developed the best market knowledge, marketing materials, investor and broker lists, and local real estate networks we are able to best serve our clients property needs.

TRB Realty handles sales and leasing for many different property types in the Massachusetts area, including retail and commercial buildings and condos, apartment buildings, townhouses, mixed-use properties, industrial properties, hotels and development/conversion sites. Our brokers are experienced in representing properties of all sizes, types and values, from $500,000 – $73,000,000 properties to portfolio transactions.

Additionally, TRB Realty offers a number of complimentary relationship-driven services to keep you informed, such as demographic analysis, local real estate news and information, nearby rental rates, development and zoning news.